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Optimize your 3D Assets with Simplygon (Presented by Simplygon)

Koshi Hamedi  |  Evangelist, Simplygon
Tramell Isaac  |  Senior Art Director, Sony Online Entertainment

Location: Room 302, South Hall

Format: Sponsored Session
Track: Visual Arts
Vault Recording: Video

In this session we will cover how using Level-Of-Detail meshes (LODs) to optimize the number of triangles & draw calls, as well as bone & material complexity, have a huge impact on rendering performance. Using Simplygon, the world-leading middleware for 3D-asset optimization, your LOD-generation process can be automated, thereby saving cost; reducing time to market; and improving general workflow by making LODs available early on in a project. To provide some insight about how Sony Online Entertainment integrated and used Simplygon for a more efficient way of producing optimized content for a massive, high-quality FPSMMO, Tramell Isaac - Senior Art Director for Planetside 2 - will join us in the presentation.


Knowledge and inspiration on using industry-leading tech to streamline production of video games, as well as practical examples from an industry veteran on how a well-renowned studio applies it in production.