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Code Clinic: How to Write Code the Compiler Can Actually Optimize

Mike Acton  |  Engine Director, Insomniac Games

Location: Room 2005, West Hall

Format: Session
Track: Programming
Vault Recording: Video

This session will be a deep dive into several real-world code snippets. With each sample, an analysis will be presented, with a focus on data design, performance, and compiler and linker transformation details. Several iterations of each code snippet and analysis will be demonstrated, each leading further down the rabbit hole. The presentation will be limited to x64 CPUs.


By example, attendees will be shown the impact of choices in data layout on common bottlenecks (e.g. L2 cache misses, branch prediction misses), language contructs on compiler and linker transformations/time (e.g. MSVC, x64), and a deeper understanding of the amount of performance left on the table in typical game code.

Intended Audience

Both high- and low-level programmers interested in improving data and code layout choices for improved performance.