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Immense Zombie Horde Variety and Slicing

Burke Revet  |  Lead Character Artist, Capcom Game Studios Vancouver
Jon Riva  |  Senior Character Artist, Capcom Game Studio Vancouver

Location: Room 2006, West Hall

Format: Session
Track: Visual Arts
Vault Recording: Video

Implementing immense visual zombie variety, slicing and dismemberment for Dead Rising 3 posed the following challenge: Create a visual of diversely unique zombie variations and immense numbers experience that is unmatched by current video game competitors.
The graceful violence of hitting, stabbing, shooting, slicing and crushing zombies while increasing visual quality and numbers on screen without sacrificing frame rate, quality or increasing memory. Attendees will be rewarded with a detailed assessment of the ability to create visual "horde" variety on screen, slicing/dismemberment pipeline and the techniques used in the development of Dead Rising 3. We will reveal how we achieved the perception of mass zombie variety and marquee zombies on screen. We will also dig deeper into how we managed to balance a zombie slicing system that supported new visuals and gameplay and helped balance production demand and control for artists, programmers and engineers alike. Lastly we'll describe the toolsets used during development and highlight improvements that can ease future developments.


Attendees will learn how we achieved a high-fidelity and visually diverse gameplay experience, without sacrificing either of the two. They will discover how building the right debugging tools can enhance productivity and mitigate pain. Finally, a detailed analysis of our actual zombie slicing and management system will provide insight about the end user experience. This will ultimately demonstrate that the system we describe scales well in terms of the numbers and flexibility.

Intended Audience

The talk is geared toward character artists, artists and tech artists. Gameplay and rendering people may also find some of the techniques and approaches valuable for producing a visual variety, along with game mechanics. The session focuses on the next generation of console gaming. An intermediate understanding of current asset creation and game development for console games is a prerequisite for this talk.